Sending Referrals to Saskatoon oral surgery

Referral forms are to be completed by dentist or physician. 

Our office accepts referrals by mail or by filling out our secure Online Referral Form (blue bar below).

***We do not accept referrals by email*** 

We kindly ask that referral forms along with their attachments (radiographs, clinical photos, list of medications, etc.) be sent together. 

Please note: With the exception of biopsy referrals, we are unable to process referrals that do not include radiographs and will return them to you.   

If your preference is to send referrals through our online referral form, we would suggest the following:

1. Use Google Chrome as your browser.

2. When attaching radiographs or intraoral/clinical photos, please ensure the file type is in jpeg format, or similar file type. 

3. If you do not have any radiographs to include with your referral, please note this in the comment section at the bottom of the referral page. You will be asked to include a date of radiograph regardless, please just put today’s date. 

4. Please review your referral prior to submitting to ensure that all patient and treatment requested is accurate.

Once your online referral is submitted, you will be given the option to save a copy of the referral for your own patient records. This is also a good way to confirm that your attachments were successfully sent as the name of your attachments will appear on page 2 of the referral.

The security and privacy of patient data is one of our primary concerns and we have taken every precaution to protect it. 

Please note that we contact patients within one week of receiving the referral.